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Lekcje poganizmu w szkockich szkołach !



SCOTTISH children are being given lessons in witchcraft and druids as part of the controversial new curriculum.

Paganism has been introduced into religious education classes for the first time - so pupils even get taught about FAIRIES.

Lesson plans drawn up by members of the Pagan Federation Scotland (PFS) have been handed to teachers as part of the Soottish Government's controversial new Curriculum for Excellence. They include encouraging children to "see the world through pagan eyes" and teaching them about festivals such as Samhain, Yule, the summer solstice and Beltane.

The notes for summer solstice describe the festival as "the longest day, when fairies are most visible to humans".

The move to teach paganism alongside Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and Islam has sparked outrage.

John Cormack, chairman of the Scottish Christian Party, said: "Paganism is practised by only 2,000 people in Scotland and we do not believe it merits inclusion in the curriculum."

But practising pagan Ffyona MacLeish, of Dundee, said: "Teaching religious tolerance at a young age will help to get rid of  bigotry   and   misconceptions."

A Scottish Government spokesman said teaching paganism was up to individual schools.

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